TFM Tool Pro Main Module V2.7.5 BETA has been released

🔥TFM Team Released Samsung FRP MTP Mode.24/7 Auth on.All Security,All model’s are supported.

We have been working tirelessly 💪 to bring you this update and are eager to finally share it with you. This public beta release represents a significant leap 🦘 forward in our mission to continuously evolve and improve our software and services.

As this is a beta release, we wish to remind you that your participation 🙋*♀️🙋*♂️ and feedback 📝 are of utmost importance to us. If you encounter any hiccups 🐛 or have any bright ideas 💡, please do not hesitate to share them with us.

Please bear in mind that as with any beta software, this version is still in its testing phase and may have some bugs. We recommend installing it on non-critical systems and backing up any important data 💾.

We truly appreciate your continued support and patience 🙏 during this phase. We couldn’t do this without users like you.

Thank you 🙌 again for being a part of our journey, and we look forward to hearing your insights on the new TFMMainModule software beta.

Samsung FRP Auth Guide:
1-Power on Mobile & Connect with PC.
2-Open Main Module.
3-Click ” Reset FRP MTP-Auth”
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*Samsung Auth FRP Charge free for 3 days-8 am to 10 pm(Day Time,GMT+6 Bangladesh Time.
Night Shift 10pm to 8am Required 0.5 CRD.

Main Module Download.


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