TFM Tool Pro MTK v1.9.3 has been released

TFM Tool Pro MTK v1.9.3 has been released

Dear Valuable users,
We’re came with more exclusive new and hot surprises.

✩ New Models are Added
✩ CRD Reduced-More than expected!
🐞Bug’s Fixed.
🛠Improved the Protocol.

New Added Model’s list here:

  • Walton Orbit Y20
  • Vivo V29-PD2283
  • Infinix X6739-GT 10 Pro(Auth)
  • Tecno 0_MT6768_Tecno_Auth_V3
  • Tecno 0_MT6833_Tecno_V1(Auth)
  • Walton R10

Vivo free Auth service “Transferring control to DA…Failed” issue fixed on some devices.
(Like: Y22, Y27, Y33S)

-Vivo MTK 2023 Latest Security, The most wanted exclusive model’s now supported totally free.
-Supported with Preloader Mode, No need Brom Port, No need Credit, No need Auth Online, No need Test Point.
-Supported Features: Factory Reset with FRP, FRP Reset, Demo Remove, Flash, Load Partitions., Read Info, and more…

Supported Auth Free Models listed here:


Y01-Auth Free
Y1s-Auth Free
Y02-Auth Free
Y02A-Auth Free
Y02t-Auth Free
Y02s-Auth Free
Y3-Auth Free
Y3s-Auth Free
Y5s-Auth Free
Y7s-Auth Free
Y10-Auth Free
Y12-Auth Free
Y12s-Auth Free
Y15s-Auth Free
Y15a-Auth Free
Y15-Auth Free
Y16-Auth Free
Y17-Auth Free
Y19-Auth Free
Y20-Auth Free
Y20G-Auth Free
Y21-Auth Free
Y22-Auth Free
Y27-Auth Free
Y30-Auth Free
Y30i-Auth Free
Y30G-Auth Free
Y33s-Auth Free
Y52 5G-Auth Free
Y53s 4G-Auth Free
Y54s-Auth Free
Y55 5G-Auth Free
Y55s 5G-Auth Free
Y56 5G-Auth Free
Y72 5G-Auth Free
Y75 5G-Auth Free
Y76 5G-Auth Free
Y81-Auth Free
Y81D-Auth Free
Y81s-Auth Free
Y83-Auth Free
V15 Auth_Free
V17 Neo-Auth Free
V21E 5G-Auth Free
V25 Pro 5G-Auth Free
X70 Pro 5G-Auth Free

CRD Charge Reduced from 6 to 2CRD.
We are going to give you a big update about the Vivo Auth service. We have decided to reduce the price of the Vivo Auth service. From now, you can use 2CRD instead of 6CRD for all your work.

Paid Model with 2CRD Devices list:


V23E Auth 2crd	
V25E Auth 2crd
V27 Auth 2crd
V27E Auth 2crd
V27 Pro_Auth 2crd
V21 5G_Auth 2crd
X80 Auth 2crd
X90 Auth 2crd
X90 Pro_Auth 2crd

Best Regards,
The TFM Tool Pro Team


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