TFM Tool Pro SPD V1.8.0 has been released

🆕New Features:
◉🚀Added SPD Network Unlock
◉🚀Added SPD Bootloader Unlock/Relock
◉🚀Added SPD RPMB Read/Write/Erase
◉🚀Added New UNISOC Exploit by CPU/Chipset Based.*

*What is the UNISOC Exploit?
Unisoc Exploit is Like as Injecting 💉Loader. working like as “Universal Loader”
This Exploit can bypass the RSA Auth of Itel, Tecno, Infinix, Lenovo, Moto, etc.

💫By UNISOC Exploit Supported worldwide thousands of Known-Unknown Brand Models.
💫Supported Branded and Chinese maximum Brands Models
💫Supported: Flashing-Read, Write, Erase, FRP, Factory Reset.
💫Specially Supported for Bootloader Unlock-Relock, RPMB Read Write Erase.
💫Can Grant Permission for Flashing Firmware or Erase and Writing Single or custom Partitions.

📢Here are the New and Old Exploit CPU lists:

– 🎯 SC7731E
– 🎯 SC9832E
– 🎯 SC9863A
– 🎯 SC9863A 64 bit
– 🎯 Tiger T310 64 bit
– 🎯 Tiger T606 64 bit
– 🎯 Tiger T610 64 bit
– 🎯 Tiger T612 64 bit
– 🎯 Tiger T616 64 bit
– 🎯 Tiger T700 64 bit

✨Exploit Using Procedure:
Select for Brand “0_ UNISOC Tiger”. “0_ SC773X” or Desired Chipset Series etc
Select for Models: Select the Correct CPU/Chipset, Like Tiger T612_64/SC7731E or any Listed SoC.

✨RPMB/Bootloader Unlock/Relock function using Procedure:
RPMB and Unlock-Relock Bootloader Features Using Procedures like the same as “Exploit Using Procedure” Required UniSoc Exploit Selection.
“Select for Brand From Brand Tab “0_ UNISOC Tiger/0_ SC773X” or Desired Chipset Seriese etc
Select for Models Under Models Tab: Select Correct CPU/Chipset; Like Tiger T612_64/SC7731E etc)”

💥Exploit Supported Few Brand Models List here:

Code: Tiger T700_64 Motorola XT2159-8 (K14 Plus) Motorola XT2159-5 (K14 Plus) Motorola E30 – XT2159-1 Motorola E40 – XT2159-3 Motorola G20 – XT2128-2 Lenovo XT2159-5 (K14 Plus) Lenovo XT2159-8 (K14 Plus) Infinix X6816C-Hot 12 Play Tiger T616_64 Realme C35 Realme C53 Infinix X6823-Smart 6 Plus Tiger T612_64 Realme C30 Realme C31 Realme C33 Realme Narzo 50A Prime Realme Narzo 50i Prime Tecno LE6H – Pova Neo Itel S665L-S23 Itel S681LN-S23+ Tiger T610_64 Realme C25Y Realme C21Y Infinix X675 – Hot 11 Infinix X6817B – Hot 12 Itel Vision 3 Plus – P682LP Itel Vision 3 Plus – P682LPN Tiger T606_64 Motorola E20 – XT2155-3 Motorola E32 – XT2227-1 Infinix X669 – Hot 30i Infinix X668 – Hot 12 Pro Infinix X669D – Hot 30i NFC Infinix X6525-Smart 8 HD Infinix X6528B-Hot 40i Infinix X6528-Hot 40i Tecno KG5k – Spark 8C Tecno KG5n – Spark 8C Tecno BG6-Spark Go 2024 Tecno BG6h-Pop 8 Itel P683L-P40+ Itel S662LC – Vision 5 Plus SC9863A_64 Realme Narzo 50i Realme C11 Realme C30s Infinix PR652C – Hot 10i Infinix X6517 – Smart 7 Plus Tecno BF6-Pop 7 Itel L6003P – A55 LTE Itel L6501 – Vision 1 Plus Itel L6005 – Vision 1 Itel L6503 – S16 Pro-Vision 2 Itel P651L – Vision 2s Itel S661L – Vision 3 Itel S663LC – Vision 5 Itel A46 – L5503 Itel Vision 2S – P681L Itel S15 Pro – L6002P Itel S661LN – Vision 3 Itel A663L-A05s Itel P662L-P40 Itel S662L-S18 Pro Itel A662LM-A60s Itel A665L-A70 SC9863A Itel P36 Pro Tecno PR651H – Spark 7 Tecno PR651E – Spark 7 Tecno PR651 – Spark 7 Infinix X6516 – Smart 7 Infinix X6511B – SMART 6 Lenovo L19111 – A7 Motorola E6i – XT2053-5 SC9832E Tecno RB8S – POP 2X Plus Tecno RB6S – Pop 2X Air Tecno L6502S – Pop 5X Tecno RB7S – POP 2X Itel MC20 – A23 Itel L5002 – A25 Itel A23S Itel L6502 – Vision 1 Pro Itel L5006C – A23 Pro Itel L6006S – A48 Itel P41 Itel A26 Itel L6006 – A48 Itel A571L – A26 Itel A631L – A49 Play Itel A662L – A60 Itel A20 Itel A21 Itel L5006 – A23 Pro Itel L5007 – A24 Itel L5002P – A25 Pro Itel A40 Itel A41 Itel A41 Plus Itel A44 Air – L5502 Itel A507LM Itel A507LS Itel A24 Pro – A511LP2 Itel A23S – A511LQ Itel A27 – A551L Itel A26 – A571L Itel A49 – A661L Itel L6502S Itel A632W-Vision 3 Itel A662L-A60 SC7731E Tecno BC2c – POP 4 Tecno BD2p – Pop 5 Tecno BD1 – Pop 5 Go Tecno SA2S – Pop 2 Mini Tecno BD2 – Pop 5 Tecno SC7S – Pop 2 Air Itel A23F Itel W4001 Itel W7001 Itel W6004 Itel W6502 Itel A14 Itel W4001P Itel W4002P Itel A57 A611W Itel A571WM Itel W5008 – Alpha Lite Itel W6501 – P36 Itel W5505 – A36 Itel A11 Itel W4003 – A14 Max Itel W4002 – A14 Plus Itel A509W – A33 Plus Itel A37 – A571W Itel A42 Plus Itel A56 Pro – W6004P Itel A56 – W6004 Itel A37 – A571WM Itel A57 – A611WP Itel A58 Lite – A631W Itel A631W2 Itel A58 – A661W Itel A58 Pro – A661WP Itel Alpha Lite Itel A47 – L5505 Itel A51 – W505B Itel P12 – W506A Itel P15 – W5005 Itel P33 Plus – W6001 Itel P36 – W6501 Itel P551W – P17 Itel P37 – P651W Itel S15 – W6002 Itel S17 – S661W Itel SA633 – W7001 Itel V41 – W4001S Itel P33 – W5504Best Regards,
The TFM Tool Pro Team


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