TFM Tool Pro MTK V2.1.0 has been released

New Features:
✩MTK XML Format File Support Added
✩Tecno-Infinix 2024 Security Full Support Executed
✩Supported Flash, FRP, MDM, Fectory Reset, And All Of Others Regular Job.

Improved Flasher

Tecno-Infinix 2024 Security Supported Model List Here:

Infinix X6836-Hot 40 Infinix X6716B-Note 30i Infinix X6835xx-Hot 30 Play NFC Infinix X6511G-Smart 6 Plus Infinix X6819-Note 12i Infinix X665B-Hot 12i Infinix X671B-NOTE 12 PRO 5G Infinix X653xx-Smart 4 Infinix X650xx-Hot 8 Infinix X6826xx-Hot 20 Infinix X6817-Hot 12 Infinix X6832-HOT 30 5G Infinix X669C-Hot-30i Infinix X680-Hot 9 Play Infinix X665c-Hot 20i Infinix X6515-Smart 7 Infinix X695xx_Note 10 Pro Infinix X687xx_Zero 8 Infinix X6811xx_Zero X Pro Infinix X672-Note 12 VIP Infinix X670-Note 12 Turbo Infinix X6827-Hot 20s Infinix X698_Note 11s Infinix X697-Note 11 Pro Infinix X6831-Hot 30 Infinix X656-Note 7 Lite Infinix X658xx-Hot 10i Infinix X6812-Hot 11s Infinix X659xx-Note 10i Infinix X693-Note 10 Infinix X683-Note 8i Infinix X692-Note 8 Infinix X690xx-Note 7 Infinix X689B-Hot 9 Play Infinix X662xx-Hot 11 Infinix X698xx-Hot 10T Infinix X689xx-Hot 10s Infinix X682xx-Hot 10 Infinix X6511E-Smart 6 Infinix X6825-Hot 20 Play Infinix X6823c-Smart 6 Plus Infinix X6816-Hot 12 Play Infinix X665E-Hot 20i Infinix X610B-Note 6 Infinix X688B-Hot 11 Play Infinix X688xx-Hot 10 Play Infinix X680D-Smart 4 Plus Infinix X660xx-S5 Pro Infinix X655xx-Hot 9 Infinix X652xx-S5 Infinix X626xx-S4 Infinix X624xx-Hot 7 Infinix X663xx-Note 11 Infinix X5516xx-Smart 3 Infinix X657xx-Smart 5 Infinix X627xx-Smart 3 Plus Infinix X612xx-Smart HD 2021 Infinix X6711-Note 30 5G Infinix X6815xx-Zero 5G Infinix X6512-Smart 6 HD Tecno KJ5n-SPARK 20 Tecno LH6n-Pova Neo 3 Tecno CG8-Camon 17 Pro Tecno AC8-Phantom X Tecno LF7xx-Pova 3 Tecno CI6-Camon 19 Tecno KH7N-Spark 9 Pro Tecno KG8-Spark Go 8 Pro Tecno LG6N-Pova Neo 2 Tecno LE6-Pova Neo Tecno KH6-Spark 9T Tecno CI8xx-Camon 19 Pro Tecno BD4I-Pop 5 LTE Tecno KE6J-Spark 6 Air Tecno CB7J-Camon I4 Tecno BD4A-Pop 5 Pro Tecno KB2J-Camon iACE 2X Tecno CE9-Camon 16 Premier Tecno CH7xx-Camon 18P Tecno LE8-Pova 5G Tecno CH9xx-Camon 18 Premier Tecno LH8N-Pova 5 Pro Tecno CK6xx-Camon 20 Tecno KI7-Spark 10 Pro Tecno LC8-Spark Power 2 Tecno KG7H-Spark 8P Tecno KE7-Spark 6 Tecno LE7xx-Pova 2 Tecno CH6I-Camon 19 Neo Tecno CH6T-Camon 18T Tecno CH6xx-Camon 18 Tecno LD7xx-Pova Tecno CG7xxCamon 17P Tecno CG6xx-Camon 17 Tecno CE8-Camon 16 Pro Tecno CE7J-CAMON 16 SE Tecno CE7-CE9H-Camon 16 Tecno KF8-Spark 7 Pro Tecno KG6P-Spark 8T Tecno KG5p-Spark 9 Tecno KI5xx-Spark 10 Tecno LB8xx-Pouvoir 3 Plus Tecno KG6-Spark 8 Tecno ID6-Camon IClick 2 Tecno KF6xx-Spark 7 Tecno CD8-Camon 15 Pro Tecno CD8J-Camon 15 Premier Tecno CD6j-Camon 16S Tecno CD6xx-Camon 15 Air Tecno CD7-Camon 15 Tecno CC9-Camon 12 Pro Tecno CC7-Camon 12 Tecno AB7-Phantom 9 Tecno CF8-Camon 11 Pro Tecno KG5xx-Spark Go 2022 Tecno BF7xx-Spark Go 2023 Tecno KD7xx-Spark 5 Tecno LC7-Pouvoir 4 Tecno LC6xx-Pouvoir 3 Air Tecno BE8-Pop 6 Pro Tecno BD4J-Pop 5 Pro Tecno BB4-Pop 3 Plus Tecno KG5J-Spark 8C Tecno BB4K-Spark 4 Lite Tecno KE5xx-Spark 6 GO Tecno KE5-Spark Go 2020 Tecno KC1xx-Spark Go Tecno KD6xx-Spark 5 Air Tecno KC2xx-Spark 4 Tecno KB8-Spark 3 Pro Tecno KB7-Spark 3 Tecno CC6-Camon 12 Air Tecno CF7xx-Camon 11

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